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Meet Dr. Chris Frost

Doctor after doctor told my mother that children don’t have headaches…”

Finding Chiropractic

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Dr. Chris Frost

“After suffering from disabling headaches for years,” Dr. Frost relates, “my mother finally decided to take me to a chiropractor. It was a miracle for me. A few adjustments and my daily headache pain was gone. It still comes back once in a while, and I gladly get adjusted to keep my self headache free. In college when a friend told me that chiropractic couldn’t help headaches, I knew I had to become a chiropractor to help “get the word out”. So, I immediately switched majors.”

College and Goals

Dr. Frost went to the University of Washington for four years and studied Biology and Zoology before going to Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon.

“My goal in practice is to get everyone feeling well as quickly and cost effectively as possible. No hassles and headaches. After a patient begins feeling better, they begin to ask questions about how chiropractic works. That’s when real health begins, when the patient is motivated to change the cause of the problem.”

Outside of the Clinic

Dr. Frost and his wife Meg met while he was going to school at the UW, and she was attending Western Washington University. They have been married since 1991 and have 3 children. When not at the practice, the three children are the Frost’s life and hobby. “These three have replaced most of the other hobbies we’ve had,” says Meg, “and maybe someday we’ll return to vacations, golfing, and quilting, but for now there is nothing we’d rather be doing.” Meg can usually be found visiting with patients at the front desk and attending to all customer service matters.

Besides getting chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, the Frosts try to live a healthy lifestyle. You’ve probably sped past Dr. Frost biking to work and home. Meg also runs a small organic food drop point to help make organic food affordable.

“In most of our lives there are so many fires to put out, that it is easy to try and minimize our own health concerns. The car needs to be repaired. The kids need shoes. But there is nothing more important than taking care of our health. It should be the first priority, before paying off bills or making mortgage payments. Make your health your number one priority.”

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